Thank you to Senator Patrick Gallivan for the support of the highly effective alternative to encarceration program.

An Important NFJC Statement
The polarizing topics of patriotism and protests have highlighted the need for our communities to talk to each other and share our thoughts and experiences in a nonjudgmental way. We each have different histories, backgrounds, and collective experiences that reflect in our values and views and those thoughts need to be heard. In our country, Football players have a unique position of leadership as many follow them both on the field and off, and as such they have a powerful voice to share a collective concern, one that reflects in many communities outside of the stadium.

These are challenging times for race relations and we need to upgrade our dialogue to achieve a more impactful result. We've seen this before; history has shown us that throughout time many have voiced their opinions through actions and deeds, but this time it feels more present, more real, more intense, because it is. Our discourse has veered off course. Perhaps we haven't heard each other because we haven't talked with each other. We need to open more forums where many voices can freely come to the table to hear as well as be heard.

The NFJC continues to dedicate ourselves to bridging these communication gaps and to highlight the needs and concerns of all people, particularly who may feel marginalized, neglected, or simply ignored.

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