The Community Leaders Awards recognize individuals/organizations in WNY who have made significant contributions to this region through their involvement in volunteer activities and/or their special achievements in specific areas of community and professional life. These individuals/organizations exemplify the NFJC core mission of promoting goodwill,understanding, respect, and trust.

This year's luncheon was held at Noon on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at the Buffalo Convention Center.

Congratulations to Our 2019 Community Leader Honorees!
Congratulations to the 2019 NFJC Youth Poster Artists!

Congratulations to the 2018 Community Leader Honorees!

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2018 Community Leader Award Luncheon
Courtesy of Karibu News



Deaf Access Sevice Kevin Guest House Subversive Theatre Collective The Blackness Project




Nadin Yousef Concetta Ferguson Victoria Ross Rory C. Wheeler




Basil Family Dealerships John F. Siskar, Ph.D. The Bison Children’s Scholarship Fund




Rev. Jonathan R. Staples & Tanya Staples Wilmer Olivencia, Jr. Gale R. Burstein, M.D.




Sister Susan Bowles, SSMN Dr. Rev. G. Stanford Bratton Sheriff James R. Voutour Jodyann Galvin, Esq.





Maryalice Demler Norine D. Borkowski The Habib Family Unite by Night




Girls on the Run of Buffalo Summer Cerbone Sydney Cooke Ellie DeLucia


Pablo Guzmán Nasseer McLaurin Makaela Molly Ryan O’Hara


Lucy Nguyen Akilesh Ramakrishna Josephine Stevens Melverlyn Toe




Mary Wright


Community Foundation Norman Goldfarb Youth Award


Charles Morrison


Community Foundation Norman
Goldfarb Organization Award
Community Foundation Norman
Goldfarb Individual Award


Stop the Violence Coalition Murray Holman

Our Future includes:
Looking forward with our NFJC Youth, we asked each of them to tell us what their plans were for the future, college or otherwise, what they might be interested in studying and what their future plans look like down the road. Here's what they shared with us...



DesTiny Overton Naagy Omar
"I plan to attend Canisius College majoring in Biochemistry. My plans for the future would be to receive my Ph. D and become a medical researcher in oncology." "I'm going to Pomona College, possibly for World Politics and Economics. I will have the opportunity to take a training program near campus to be-come a licensed pilot, so hopefully I will take advantage of that. Also, I will be able to take in new experiences, like camping. Even though I'm going really far from Home, I will always be connected with Buffalo. As to where I'm headed after college, I really don't know. I might work abroad under the United Nations, or perhaps join the Peace Corps. But then again, you never know where life will take you!"
Jazmine Richardson Matthew Sullivan
"I plan on attending Syracuse University in the fall while studying biochemistry! I plan on heading into the medical field as a physician or biomedical engineer." "I am excited to be heading off to the Honors College at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill as a Roberson Scholar and Excel Research Scholar with dual citizenship at Duke University. Being a Robertson Scholar will give me the opportunity to attend both schools. I am planning on majoring in Economics at UNC with a minor in Global Studies at Duke, and taking enough Spanish courses to become completely proficient. I am uncertain as to where my educational path will lead, but I'm clear on wanting an education that can further develop my views and help me gain a global perspective. I am looking forward to becoming intellectually un-bound as I seek opportunities that will prepare me for our challenging and the rapidly changing world. In the end, I want to continue to touch the lives of others. How I will do this is yet to be determined."

Past Community Leader Award recipients



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